Bottle Weaning

When Baby X turned one, the doctor encouraged us to stop giving him a bottle and switch to a sippy cup. He also said no more pacifier, but X never really liked a nipple that didn’t provide milk anyway. I had already given away my four ounce bottles and just had two eight ounce bottles left. I figured we would wean him off the bottles over a couple of weeks. We had been giving him a bottle for naps and sleep (I know we weren’t supposed to… insert lazy mom excuse here.) Well, it turned out that we weren’t very good about weaning him off of it. So, now we are three weeks past that magical cut off day. Yesterday, I got rid of the bottles. Gone. No more temptation.

It’s hard. For me. 

He cries when I lay him down for his naps and at night. Magically, though, after a few minutes, he stops. Then, he falls asleep and stays asleep. It’s been a hard process for me, because I never like to hear him cry. I never wanted to do cry it out in any form. However…  it worked for us. It is working. Baby X is sleeping right now in his crib, no bottle. He cried for about 5 minutes and has been asleep almost 2 hours. I can hear him starting to stir, though, so he must have sensed me thinking about him.

We have had really good luck with the Miracle cup from Munchkin. It doesn’t spill and X can drink out of it like a real cup. There isn’t a spout or nipple at all. He does pretty well with a straw, too. The problem is just for sleeping. This is probably why I wasn’t supposed to give it to him for naps to begin with, right?

Any one have any advice on bottle weaning? Other than wine? I got that part covered.


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