My Travel Trailer Reno

Here are is obligatory Before:

After looking at hundreds of campers, we finally found ‘the one’. It is a 2007 KZ Jag with a bunk room. 34 feet long and 7100 pounds unloaded, it fulfilled the checklists. We made the hour journey to Grand Rapids to purchase it. The sale price was listed at $10000. I got the price down to the NADA value of $8500. We walked through it, checked the roof, seams etc. We hitched it up and drove it home. Whereupon, we discovered a soft spot in the floor of the master bedroom. And another one under the couch. The water heater was broken and the clean water tank leaked. So it was demo time.

We had to rip the floor, sub floor, insulation, and floor joists out. Doing this required removing the bed, compartment doors and cabinets, taking down the aluminum siding and rear diamond plate, and moving the water heater and clean water tank. Whew. Once we got all of that put back together, I hit the walls and cabinets with paint, made curtains, and built a new bed frame and outside storage compartment. Redoing the storage compartment gave us the opportunity to install a cat box where it wasn’t baby accessible. 

I absolutely hated the valences and matching upholstery. So I stapled over them with material from sheets. After painting the wood grain cabinets, it really made the place feel like a home. I replaced the hideous gold cabinet pulls with silver modern ones from Home Depot

The kitchen just needed a basic touch up. The fridge was also wood grain. So. Much. Wood. I painted it white. I also hung up some spice clips I found on Amazon and discarded the nasty rusted stove cover it came with and replaced it with a wood cutting board from IKEA. 

You can also see where we removed the closet to put in our washer/dryer combo unit. 

The bathroom cabinets also got a paint job. We added an extended shower rod to open up the shower. I added a wine rack from Amazon to hang towels and toilet paper on. A nightlight was a must for late night bathroom breaks. I did not want to have to turn on the horrible overhead light. 

Baby X’s room originally had a bunk. I ripped that out to make room for his crib and added the 9 cube storage unit for extra storage. The cat bed went on top. There is also a space for the water cooler and vacuum next to the crib. 
We had to recaulk all the seals and also fix a spot on the roof. My hubby rewired us to give us 50 amp availability instead of just 30. We also upgraded to a residential ten gallon water heater. The television cabinet was made for a boxy TV, so we repurposed that cabinet as a closet and hung a flat screen. All in all, it was weeks of work. Sweaty, hot work. It came out just the way we wanted, though, and we got to make lots of little customizations we might not have done if we hadn’t had to Reno half the space. 

See more pics and modifications here


12 thoughts on “My Travel Trailer Reno

  1. Oh my goodness! So cute! And y’all have a little washer it looks like in there, too!? How do you dry? We are preparing to leave at the end of September for our full time rv’ing journey! Any advice!? We are currently looking at rvs now but haven’t had much luck. We are thinking of getting a class a. Great post! Love your turquoise fabric. Turned out lovely!

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    1. Thanks for reading! The washer is actually a combo unit. I put dirty clothes in and the clothes come out cleaned and dried about 3 hours later. We found ours on Craig’s list, but you can buy them new, too. Ours is an LG. The Class A RVs are nice too! A couple of things to check when buying are to check the floors thoroughly for soft spots, this indicates a water leak. Also the slides with the wires are the cheaper ones. Check the seams along the where the sides meet. A good seal will look a little messy. The poorer seals don’t have the extra butyl that you will want. Get a ladder to check the roof and look for dips and tears. As far as travelling, just keep an open mind. The best times are when things do go as planned! Anything that says ‘rv’ is going to be more expensive. There are lots of ways around them, usually. Good luck!

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  2. Great post, every year I do a little more updating to our old sportsman, this year is shaping up to be a big updating season. So long wood grain.
    Before you kicked to wood grain from your camper did you do anything special to the fridge or the over head cabinets?
    Like did you have to sand or prime first?


    1. I sanded the cabinets with a 150 grain sand paper. The fridge didn’t need sanding as it wasn’t really wood, just a sheet of quarter inch think board. Definitely mark your cabinet doors when you pull them down, they look the same, but the holes for hardware will be in slightly different places and trying to match them will drive you crazy!


      1. It makes a huge difference! I sanded, then did a coat of primer, then the paint. Just one coat of paint did the trick. I didn’t do the kitchen cabinets because I didn’t want to clean them everyday when my toddler’s hands were all over them. I replaced the hardware while so was at it. I already had to take them all off to paint, so I went ahead and bought some brushed nickel pulls and clasps to replace the ugly gold ones I had. If you buy the contractor packs at Menards or Lowe’s, it comes out to like $1.50 a cabinet. Just be sure to measure how far apart your screw holes are so you get the right size! Good luck! I hope it all goes splendidly!


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