Homemade Solid(ish) Food at 7 Months

I have been feeding X his homemade purees for 2 months now. We have gone a less than traditional route. I only buy him organic food, though our own produce is the stuff full of pesticides. I spend about $5 a week on fresh food for the baby. He tries new foods every couple of days. First we try a food by itself and then mixed with something else. Here is what we have done so far and in what order:

5 months: (one or two ounces once daily)

Sweet Potato







Butternut Squash

6 months: (Two or three ounces twice daily)

Oats (had to puree before and after cooking to satisfy baby)


Green Bean


Carrot ( I purchased this pre-made from Organic Sprout, we were going on a trip to Chicago and I knew this would be easier than bringing my frozen puree cubes, also the nitrates…)


Acorn Squash

White Potato


7 months: (Two or Three Ounces thrice daily)



Basil (Homegrown!)




We are looking forward to doing Turkey, Mango, Melon, Beef, Garlic, Oregano, and Pepper in the coming weeks. We may even belatedly throw some rice in there at some point… 🙂

I have also purchased some of the teething crackers so he can work on his pincer grasp. I bought the rice rusks, first but they tasted super bland. I purchased the Mum Mums and those were much better and slightly less I tried making some at home…. that did not work out. My husband loved them, though! I have also rolled banana and sweet potato chunks in crushed Mum Mum cracker and he LOVES those!

We tried the fresh food feeder (you know, its like a net with a ring on it and you put a chunk of fresh fruit in it for baby to suck through the net holes). I gotta say, I am not a fan. The sticky mushed food ended up everywhere, the carpet, his hair, his clothes, my clothes. Yuck.

Here are some more recipes:

Easy Finger Foods
Six Months and older
First Foods (4 months and up)
Happy feeding!




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