Six Month Growth Spurt, AKA Why I didn’t Sleep for Three Days

The six month growth spurt… my sweet baby went from sleeping through the night ten or more hours right back to being up every two or three hours. It all started week 23. I looked it up, unsure whether it was a wonder week, a growth spurt, teething, illness, sleep regression, you know that long list of culprits designed to keep parents on their toes and out of their beds. We had made it through his 3 month spurt, his 4 month sleep regression, his first cold, and successfully moved him from our bed to his crib. Now this!

It started with a good night of sleep. X went down at bedtime easy as you please. I should have known. He fights me at every nap and every bedtime. He has a Black Belt in sleep evasion. He then proceeded to sleep from 9 pm to noon. 15 hours of straight, no waking, no fussing, sleeping like a baby sleep. When he woke, it was with a vengeance. He needed to eat immediately. Of course, I thought, he has been asleep all this time. An hour later, he needed to eat. Not just a little, but in a FEED ME RIGHT NOW kind of way. This continued all day. He cried when I left his line of sight. He fussed when I set him down. He napped in short little bursts. That night, it was like he was a newborn again. I was up feeding him every 2 hours.

The next day, he again fed every 2 hours. He wanted to fall asleep with my nipple in his mouth and wake with it still there. Thank goodness for my crock pot or we would have been eating take out. That night, we did his bedtime rituals and I gave him a four ounce bottle of formula in addition to him having both breasts. He was still up every two hours, starving. FEED ME! I had laid out a bag of frozen milk to thaw, and my husband gave that to him in the early hours of the morning. When it was daylight and we were up for the day, I changed the heaviest wet diaper ever!

I was all prepared for another long night. I had my chair all set up, a water cup filled and ready in the fridge, my kindle all charged up. So, he slept through the night! No one told my breasts that they could have the night off, so they worked overtime, sure the boss would be just as demanding. At six, I woke with rock hard bowling ball boobs. I actually had to hand express a little just to get the breast pump funnel to fit. Normally, a morning pump might give me an ounce or two total. I pumped 6 ounces out of them without even trying!

X is back on schedule, napping and eating like nothing has changed. We made it! I think he is bigger, but I held him for Three days straight, so it’s hard to tell!


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